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The Legend of Didier Drogba continues to grow…

Words cannot express the delight when I read Time’s inspirational puff piece on Didier Drogba.  My friend pointed out that it’s written from the perspective of how we want to view him, and he’s absolutely right in that regard.  The article focuses on Drogba as an inspiration to society, and not so much on his footballing persona.  Drogba as a footballer is highly feared and respected, but he’s not exactly the most beloved.  He can be dramatic and temperamental at times, but it belies his passion and love for the game.  As a person and humanitarian, though, Drogba is larger than life.  The world would be a better place if we had more Didiers running around.  But we only have one, and that’s good enough.

Of all the teams in the World Cup, the Ivory Coast is highly worth watching(The others for me are Spain, Argentina, and England).  They are in the same group with Brazil and Portugal, but I wouldn’t write them off for one second.  Part of me believes that a compelling sporting tale could be written by Drogba and les Elephants if everything goes perfectly for them this summer.

My advice to you is to read the piece, think about it for a moment, and then watch this clip.




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