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Goal of the Year

19 year old Danny Rose made a wonderkid debut for Spurs in his first Premier League game against the Gunners.  He scored a goal in the 10th minute with an absolute cannon blast of a volley.  Prepare yourself:

Granted Almunia was out of position, but this is the kind of stuff dreams are made of.  This is what inspires you to play several hours of FIFA 10 to try to recreate the same goal.  It’s not however, the best strike ever, but it certainly does deserve a spot somewhere in the pantheon of great goals.

Now Drogba may be my favorite striker and all around player at the moment, but Roberto Carlos is the greatest striking back of all time, and I will never forget his absolute cannon(and magic wand) of a left foot.  Here’s a highlight of some of his boomerang benders:

#1 is objectively the greatest, but #2 is arguably more difficult because of ridiculously narrow angle he had on the goal.  Watching these plays feels like reading the phrases from the bible of soccer, they are demonstrations of how the game should be played.  Carlos expressed his desire to play for Brazil one last time in this summer’s World Cup, so please Dunga, just let him play.

April 15th!  Happy Tax Day!  Don’t forget to file your return or extend.  But remember, it’s an extension to file your return, not an extension on your tax liability due, so 1040-ES estimated payment that shit if you think you owe Uncle Sam.



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